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Tear Sheet:

I am very excited to report that this months Portland Monthly magazine (7th largest city magazine in the country) comes to you featuring my images. Every time I have an opportunity to shoot editorial work I am freshly reminded how good it feels to have your images in print in your hands.    

The way this shoot came together was very much a story of how things are “supposed to” work in the photography marketing game. I went to a Biznik meeting and made a contact who I had coffee with a few times. She then introduced me to one of the art directors at the magazine. We setup a meeting and one of the images I showed when we were meeting was a personal shoot I had done which had the same fake clouds. It sparked an idea and later that month I was asked to help out on this shoot. This is pretty much exactly what I always hope to have happen. Once the shoot was underway it was just as smooth. The art director was smart, pleasant, and really good at her job. The shoot took all day and a ton of fishing line but there weren’t any surprises.

One of the biggest pleasures of working with a good client is that the images come back in layout looking even better than when you sent them. That is exactly what happened here and I can’t wait to work with them again.

See more of my still life photography on my website. 

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