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There is running and then there is ultramarathoning. I am a runner and I even finished the Long Beach marathon last year but running 100 miles is a whole other ball game. The people that run the AC100 are a unique and interesting breed unlike any other and if there is anything that attracts me as a photographer it’s unique and interesting people. The race also happens to finish a few minutes from my house and the finish line photographer is a very good friend of mine.   

Having already done my I run Because… series plus not wanting to step on my friends toes I knew I had to shoot this like a photojournalist. I went over the night before to get the lay of the land and watch the winner come in around 1:00 am, after more than 20 hours of running, then I headed back the next morning. Over the course of the time I was there I got to see everything I was hoping to see. Incredible emotions, amazing runners, and most of all a wonderful community. This is a little taste of what I experienced. 

08:08 pm: joshrosscreative


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